SLI Causing Cutscenes to Flicker


With the latest patch I have started getting issues with all cutscenes (including the ‘Phoenix Point’ intro one). This manifests as the visuals appearing for a few seconds, going black for a few seconds, then reappearing for a few seconds, repeat, until the cutscene finishes. Audio is unaffected and runs correctly throughout.

Turing SLI off seems to fix this issue and the cutscenes function corectly again but it would be nice if I didn’t have to do this for the one game I play that needs it especially as it worked fine previously. I’m running two RTX 2080Ti’s for reference.

Hey @Deathreak I have you in my squad :grin:, as a sniper/infiltrator… even in green clothing as your icon here haha.

Legit question, not sarcastic or anything like that: how come you need 2 2080’s for PP? Is it for 4K? I’m running full HD max graphics with a measly 1060 (not 60fps but very playable). Just saying because there may be another reason slowing your game.

It is possible to turn off SLI per program in the Nvidia control panel so as not to affect other programs where one wants SLI on.

EDIT: This and other issues were introduced when Snapshot released their patch for the new Unity Engine. They have yet to address the many issues this update has caused for a number of players.

@sectoid_br I don’t need them for PP but I like to play other games than PP and some of them I like to be able to run at 4K >60fps. and it’s not so much that it’s slowing down, it’s more akin to watching a movie and every few seconds putting a black board between you and the TV, it’s still running in time but you can no longer see it.

@mcarver2000 Unfortunately it’s not possible to do it per program, it has to be manually done each time and after looking at some other posts this flickering cutscene problem seems to occur for some SLI setups (like this one: link)

Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - select Program Settings tab - select Phoenix Point - scroll down to SLI rendering mode - select Single-GPU

However, disabling SLI didn’t stop the slide show for me during end of mission.