Black screen problem


I was playing CR on my Win10 machine quite happily for a few days after I got it, when it started giving me a black screen on boot. If I click after a few seconds, I get the little blue cursor, as though I were cancelling the intro sequence, but that’s it. No sound and no other apparent response from clicking.

Happily, it works fine on my girlfriend’s machine (also Win10) so I can still play, but it would be nice to get this sorted. All other Steam games work fine and I have no other graphical or sound problems on my computer that I know of.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Kester

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I’ve encountered similar issues since he Unity Engine update. It disables the GPU driver. While one can restart the driver, PP will have a black screen. One must kill PP and restart the game.

Thank you kindly for your suggestion. I have tried to restart the graphics card using Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B while the game is running but it did not help.

Does PP refer to Phoenix Point? I ask because I don’t own this game. The problem is with Chaos Reborn.

So far it appears that the issue regarding the disabled video drivers, the last update may have fixed this, knocking on wood.

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It would appear that they just slapped a band aid on it. While it appears that the video drivers don’t get disabled while the game is running (as it seems they are preventing the power settings to turn off the monitor). However, if the game has run and one quits the game, the disabled video driver rears its ugly head if one does not reboot the PC…

Yes, Snapshot forum has became so much Phoenix Point forum, people have forgotten about Chaos Reborn. I gladly own it too, but on Steam.