Cutscene issue after Polaris

Hi all ! Since the Polaris update, cinematics just won’t play in the game. That includes the opening cinematic when you launch the game, or when you launch a new game, etc… there is just a black screen that hangs there. You can skip it by pressing ESC, but otherwise it will stay indefinitely. Game isn’t frozen or anything, skipping it allows one to play normally.
Anyone got any idea on how to fix this ?

Report it as a bug via F10. Ever since Snapshot rolled out their Unity Engine updates, there have been issues like this for some players (apparently not all). The report via F10 should provide them info on your hardware, setup and what may be happening to cause this. If you have SLI enabled, you might try turning it off to see if this helps. Some players have said this worked for them.

I don’t so no luck for me. And I’ll do that, thanks. Just really annoying !