Does Phoenix Point support high refreshrate monitors?

I know, first world problems.

But after months of absence I reinstalled PP on my new rig, and it felt a bit sluggish. I checked the framerate and it seems to be locked to 60FPS. As looked through the option, made sure vsync is turned off and 144 refreshrate is listed in resolution. It’s not a problem but a minor annoyance. Any ideas? In other games it seems to work just fine (outside some crappy j-ports: looking at you Nier)

Interesting, I had the same issue, did a quick test and it looks like enabling vsync actually allows you to go beyond the 60 fps cap.

This is counter-intuitive to all other games where you’re supposed to unset vsync to allow g-sync to work.


Thanks a lot! Enabling vsync unlocked the framerate for some reason.

It didn’t feel entirely smooth though, so I assume g-sync/freesync isn’t supported? It shows flat 144 FPS but doesn’t quite feel like it. I will need to play more to investigate.