Skip anims option? Psy enemy OP?

While game is finally quite bugfixed and has really innovative freedom of gameplay, introducing some old “Civ like options” would significantly improve pace of game:

  • In my impression SKIP ANIMS option: Its nice to hear stories once, its nice to see your new ship getting down once, but it slows gameplay later. So option to disable all but final game animation. Even the intro one :slight_smile:

  • SKIP FRIENDLY MOVE or FAST MOVE - While pace of game, team work, return fire, limb etc. mechanics is great, a lot of time is spent on animations of units moving. Please enable fast A to B movement. Especially when you are climbing up few floors.

  • Similarly, a lot of time is lost on enemy movements, this should also have SKIP ENEMY MOVEMENTS while retaining fire sequences.

  • Please remove snaky enemy DOUBLE PSY CONTROL PER TURN and PER EVERY TURN - its so strong so far, and can take really good soldiers with no psy resistance. One enemy can control one soldier in time is good. Or enable PSY RESISTANCE stat.

Now, few praises :slight_smile:

I am glad advanced things like AUGMENTATION is introduced. Also falling mechanics, fumble, multiply classess, its really best so far in genre. Kudos!

Also more bases (enemy) should have research center, stealing research (or reverse engeneering) seems to be crucial, alongside stealing ships (Mad Max and Pirates! combined :slight_smile:
Thank you for “enemy shadow” (radial circle) that helps finding last enemies if nearby.

More ship and hover classes, two per fraction, one large and slow (like 8-12 pers. Disciples of Any) and one 6 units fast one (like Syderion), some combined healer - combat vehicle :slight_smile: Great concepts, but often for harder difficulties vehicle takes too much space.Think of smaller vehicles that would take 2 pers place max, beats the point.

Animations can be skipped by pressing the ESC key. However, there is probably an overhead in the loading time that includes the animation.

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Well, yes, maybe I should call it “skip loading times” :slight_smile: