It's time to do something with enemy turn :P

I’m so happy to reinstall PP after one year. Epic version was rushed, the game seems so better now :3


Sometimes enemies still take time to ponder over existence and never pass their turn.
Maybe it’s time to let us press ESC during enemy turn, or at least put a timer on foes decision making ?
Because kill the program is never a pleasant solution.

Anyway it’s less frequent than before and a lot of things changed. And it’s cool.

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Problem is, there’s a delicate balance between a sensible AI and a long enemy turn time.

A lot of people (myself included if I’m honest) are crying out for a less stupid AI. But that means evaluating the tactical situation, and that takes processing time. It’s more pronounced with things like pistol-toting Tritons because they have a lot of APs to spend, and each AP requires evaluation.

I know the devs are working on this, but I suspect it’s one of those things where whatever they come up with will not make everyone happy, because its a square that needs to be circled.


Does better CPU helps speed up AI turn?

This is exaclty what happened after Polaris/Year one, AI is quite improved, but turns take even more time at least on dual core i5

Usually AI calculations are CPU-bottlenecked, so usually should, yes.

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OK, I am glad I am switching to X4 Athlon 4.2Ghz and new gfx card soon. That should make game more enjoyable, and “prepare for the future updates”

Optimization, optimization and a little more Fantasy.
This always works well with Modders or Devs who love their game.

  • First idea that came to mind (like chess): let the enemy AI use the player’s time to prepare its moves.

PS. After 1-2 years, Who will play (make Interesting Mods) the unfinished but banal / chewed PP?

Improving your PC is always a good idea for other Finished Games.

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So there is a program, and therefore an opportunity, to make it Fast?

But of course, Devs will say that “seeing this for the first time”. And they will start working in this direction from Today!

  • Why don’t I trust snapshotgames? :thinking: :lying_face:
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Snapshot has a lot of fish to fry. I fail to see why not prioritizing your priority makes them untrustworthy.

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in a new topic SG follow to success?