[Suggestion] Overall gameplay

Don’t know if 1.7 change any of that (but I guess not as it should have been here day one):

  • possible to (de)activate some features like : auto-pause en enemy detection;
  • remapping ALL keyboard options (seriously, 2020…)
  • decreasing loading time (but, hey, when a low cost engine is used… like Unity…)
  • allow the user to skip useless logos at start up (no one cares you know)
  • at start up too, stop bothering us with the auto-play of the intro video… again, no one care after first launch, same for all landing video at the start of the mission (loading time is already too long to waste more time)

My thoughts, such as they are.

  1. Yes that’d be very much something to see. However, I think they put that feature in, to simulate the sudden startelment of seeing an enemy between you and your destination. It gives you the option to change course kind of thing?
  2. Oh heck yeah! That’s a must have in any keyboard game function!
  3. It is, what it is. :frowning:
  4. It’s all part of the Entertainment Industry. Gotta give props to the makers, and supporters kind of thing, I imagine. Plus it gives the computer time to load the game, without seeing a non-funtioning Load Screen.
  5. Escape Key works on the videos. But yes, it’d be nice to be able to skip the animations in intro.
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I forgot the most important thing…


You know you f$cked but you still need to wait the end of the turn ! Seriously ???
First time I see a game that prevent the player from triggering the Escape menu !

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Because It is the Enemies Turn, and not ours? It appears that the coding intercepts most, if not all keyboard presses relevant to gameplay. Need to find a way to trick it into thinking the AI pressed ESC. :wink: :open_mouth:


Pssst … AI is thiking >:) If you need it done faster, you need a faster CPU. No save or escape during alien turn!


Interesting viewpoint. For me personally, I really like to watch what the enemy are up to so that they don’t f$ck :roll_eyes: my soldiers up and I know where they are and what they are up to. Then I can return the favour.

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@Ementrude I think he’s talking about pressing esc to interrupt the game and load a save, not to just fast forward the enemy turn.

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Yes it is exactly that. Thanks. Finally a player who have common sense.

If you know you are dead you already see what is wrong so they is no point waiting for sometime 1 minutes to press Esc and Restart.

For me it looks like the devs did not want to bother coding a multithread menu and keyboard manager because it is way more complicated that just doing sequencial things… It’s like the same for game where you cannot use alt tab properly (the game go back to screen instead of desktop). Devs are lazy.

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You know that Alt-Tab in Windows is meant to switch from program to program and not to the Desktop? And exactly that works as intended in PP (Edit: of course there has to be something running to switch to, otherwise nothing happens, but that is always the case with Alt-Tab in any program).
The Windows key to switch to the Desktop is Win+D, but games often deactivate the special Windows key bindings and sometimes also Alt-Tab (the latter not in PP and I never tried Win+D).

Yeah, we all expects devs just doing some side work like putting escape to enemy turn which is probably 2-5 min max or correcting the alt-tab stuff rather then preparing this months big balance/fix patch, the UI replacement players needed so urgently and continue to develop the next DLC on pandemic days…

They are probably lazy then you imagined. Who needs a proper fix/balance/overhaul patch which works and delivered in time? They need someone who can prioritize things much better, like you.

End- Sarcasm… everything is good and nice ideas to share and nobody would say no until you put, “Devs are lazy.” part… Why can’t you tell your opinion without attacking?.. just tell that, discuss and wait… and people tell me I am bold…

You have a low trigger level, calm a bit more :wink:

I need vacation.


Saying they are lazy is a bit too harsh but I do agree that this is something that should have been fixed long ago. Yes balancing the game is important but there are too many small annoying things like this that spoil the game flow.
The same goes for how long it takes to move your team. In the last campaign I gave jetpacks to everyone, the amount of time wasted on watching most of the team jump and one guy crawling a ladder is just too much.

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Well, you have to, you have to pay all the consequences :slight_smile: Maybe it can be implemented, try opening feature suggestion ticket.

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