Feature request: Allow ESC->Menu during enemy turns

Well , just as topic says, please allow to bring a menu during enemy turns to be able restart mission or load save game.
Maybe it’s a bit of cheating, but I as many others, do load frequently missions gone bad :slight_smile: and trust me - it’s no fun and total waste of time to watch your solders getting wiped out over and over again (especially on lair missions) , until you able to bring on the menu and restart the mission and load the save :slight_smile:

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+1, i personaly don’t rely on save scumming (but i don’t care about people wanting to do it)
But its also needed when ennemy AI loose itself in his script and just… stop acting alltogether (i leaved the game 20 minutes and their turn never ended). So having a way to either reload, or quit or anything, without havint to CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE will be a cool addition.

I tend to save scum alot when I have to defend a base with only 3 guys. I would like to beable to skip the enemys animations also. One mission I was on had 3-4 enemys lobbing little fire worms at me and after there were about 20-30 of them it took 30 min for their turn to end. Sometimes a guy dosent have 5 hours to spend on a single mission D:<