Siren not paralysed

Has the way Paralysis decays been changed by Derleth and I didn’t read the memo?

Just did a Lair assault (v. good btw - I really like what you’ve done with these), and delayed my evac to ambush a Siren and pump her full of Neuro darts. I even took the time to put an extra one in to make sure she stayed down until I’d evac’d - Paralysis score 42/35. Then I set up an OW screen to off the Pandas inevitably rushing round the corner to her support.

Panda turn comes around, and this 42/35 Paralysed Siren moves! Straight into my OW screen, which turns her into a Siren-shaped sieve. Very annoying, and a complete waste of time, effort and ammunition.

Reported via f12, but just wanted to check that this really is a bug and not some new change to the way Paralysis decays that I was not aware of.

Was she in panic? Vanishing Tritons, panicked units etc. still move when paralyzed.

Well, I had just shot her head off, so she may well have been.

Pain in the butt, though.

You know it will change. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the same behavior with all Pandorans.
I’ve reported via F12.

Same here. Paralyzed a siren and it managed to move on its turn.

Almost certainly due to panic. This will hopefully be addressed in the upcoming patch.