Paralyzation: enemies can still move while paralyzed

if an enemy is panicked (either via the skill or because of low wp), they will move on their turn, even if they are fully paralyzed.

makes it very irritating when something I paralyzed moves into my overwatches and then dies.


there was a topic about that

do you have the link?

you know there is search functionality on the forum?

the links are appreciated, the sarcasm is not.

YOU are a “community councilor”??


Yes, and it may happen that I will screw your experience with the game. :wink:

Long story short. When you have kids and mother-in-law on the head you become impatient. Working remotely, doing all things in home to help wife a little and searching topics for other people on the forum don’t get along with each other.

Oh and btw. I’m not in the council to please anyone, but because I’m dedicated to the game and I’m throwing ideas that people like. That is all.