Paralysed enemies shouldn't prevent 'master marksman' from triggering

Again, the title says it all. These enemies aren’t a threat and shouldn’t be considered something that would distract your snipers.

Yes, I definitely agree with this.

However I think the Paralysed effect needs a thorough debugging in general as it affects quite a few things in “weird” ways.
eg. mind controlled units staying mind controlled etc.

Yeah, had a panicked paralysed siren once run for cover. Not happened since but was pretty weird.

It would also be nice that the paralyzed enemies don’t appear as red in the bottom of the screen but an other color (or some kind of green paralyzed icon). Very low priority but nice to have so that we don’t waste time when deciding for a target.

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That mind control doesn’t end when you paralyze a Siren and that paralyzed enemies can run when panicked is also…weird.

It’s very bugged, even corpses prevent “master marksman”

From my understanding, Paralysis in this game simply meant the paralyzed could not move and still fully conscious/awake.

However, corpse should not prevent “Master Marksman”.

Yeah, they’re still alive. However, if they’re paralysed then they wouldn’t be a threat to your sniper. It’s implied that it’s the threat of an enemy being so close that prevents the sniper from focusing properly and being a master marksman in the field. So a paralysed enemy wouldn’t be a threat and therefore they could afford to focus without worrying about the nearby enemy.

Effectively, it’s no different to a corpse. Especially since paralysis will keep an enemy paralysed for ages after you’ve passed their threshold. I usually give them an extra shot just to be sure they’ll last to the end of the map.

I once paralysed a Siren at the start of a lair and 10-20 turns later it was still paralysed. Would have died from bleeding before the paralysis ran out.

Ok, if paralysis is only physical and not mental I suppose the Sirens keeping MC is understandable. Still annoying though.

The paralysis prevents them from using ANY abilities, including those that require willpower. They can’t actively use psychic scream or mind control, so they should also lose control of any units already under the effect. I had a whole thread about this. It’s bs