Paralysis bug - Not properly working on Mind Controlled soldiers

Hey Team!

I hope you had enough Pandoran for today! With Version Orryx 1.10.1 EGS (main screen) on the mission The Crystal Crossbow (Antediluvian Collection mission) I noticed I can stun technicians and snipers than use technician heal/ASPIDA ability FULL RESTORE to restore their 4 action points.
On the linked picture the burning sniper had 4 action points after the Technician heal (I messed up and accidentaly reloaded his weapon that is why he has 3) when he should be totally paralised.

The second part of this bug report is a notice. As paralysis is described it should limit the action points of the affected unit but I noticed it is not linear, however based on common sence it should be linear!
For example:
a unit with 240 total health will loose:
1 action point when the paralisys damage (PD) is greater than 5
2 when PD is >11
3 when PD is >17
4 when PD is >23
In between it should still be able to MOVE or act but on my last attack on a Citadel a Scylla with approximetly (sorry don’t remember the actual value) 367/370 PD who didn’t attack up until than decided it should ruin my capture and killed one of my soldiers with her melee attack (which is 1 action point or it should be but according it’s description because the scale is not linear or the Scylla has a hidden 5th action point it ruined my play).

My only guess is because the Scylla was heavily damaged the paralysis calculator compared the ACTUAL health and not the TOTAL/original health with the PD.

Much appreciated if you could clarify this!

A bug,

It is not just with MC, also is happening with every operative under PX control, including haven defenders,
instantly granting 4 AP in that turn: