Capture Bug still a Thing

Just aced a Lair to the extent that I decided to hang around and capture me a Siren. Pumped her full of Paralysis (42/35) and MC’d her for good measure. Then bugged out.

And she hasn’t turned up in Containment.

Power in the cell is on, but there’s no-one at home.

I thought this bug was fixed by Derleth? Problem is, it’s a game-breaker, because Siren Vivisection is one of the mandatory objectives on your progression list.

You need to wait for the next patch

that’s why you didn’t get the capture. as soon as you left the lair the siren was freed from MC and that game mechanic overruled the paralysis.

It does not work with evacuation missions.

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Ahh… thanks for that. Good to know.

Hmm, that feels like a bug to me.

I’m pretty sure it does. I do it all the time.

EDIT: have not tried it on Citadel missions since last patch

Perhaps, but I had assumed that it was a gameplay feature. When a mission is won, then there is clearing up to do. But if you evaluate, then one is escaping as quickly as possible.

I’m not sure 100%, but will test it later.

I recall capturing a Scylla in a citadel with the new evac. One wonders whether the MC overrode the paralyze? If so, smells like a bug to me.