Siren Mind Control & Paralysis

Can someone please explain to me how a paralyzed Siren can continue to mind control a target? Shouldn’t a unit lose control if they become paralyzed?

I would assume that paralysis is the ability to not move. This doesn’t mean they are unconscious.
My understanding of paralysis is that the mind continues to work and you are aware of your surroundings. You can still see and hear.
All of this would lean towards paralysis not stopping mind control… unfortunately.

According to the description, the enemy is not able to move or take any actions, which includes mental abilities, i.e. Mind Control. If they cannot actively attempt to mind control a new target, they shouldn’t be able to maintain control of a previously controlled target either.

I mean, not that it was a huge deal, because I got her anyway. But still, it was a bit disappointing to paralyze the shit out of her only to find that my unit was still controlled.

I’m interested to see if this is a bug or as intended.
I could see it being either. Gameplay-wise a mind controlled unit just becomes another unit for the other side. There’s no “new” action happening there.
But, as you say, if it can’t perform mental abilities, then its ability to mind control should end.

Even if working as intended, then the description needs an update.

If it’s working as intended, then they need to re-activate the Siren’s mental abilities while paralyzed. I mean, it does make sense that you can still use your mind while your body is paralyzed. But whatever, there’s a lot of things that only make sense for game progression purposes.

In the description of the Mind Control ability i believe it says, that it costs will points for the controller to maintain the posession. So if paralysis means no action points and no will based abilities are usable, mind control should sieze.

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i manage to capture her by remove her head with a sniper combo quick aim. and gang her with assault dash and neurazer, same for the scylla i have her paralyzed 146/96 to be sure lol, but the bleed and long engagement slowly take her down, and yes you can’t heal pandorans on purpose.

I have no issues paralyzing and capturing her, Naylind. I had already paralyzed her. My issue was that after paralysis, she retained mind control of my units. Seems like she shouldn’t be able to. I was just pointing that out is all. :slight_smile:

ah sorry disable her head should be your priority when you face sirens, annihilate her willpoints and cannot use mind control she need 7or 9 plus 2 willpoint per turn to maintain it.

I’m aware of all of that. Of course the first thing I do is disable their head, but in this case I had her paralyzed. No need to disable anything at all. She was down. Again, my concern was that once she’s paralyzed, it’s my opinion that she should lose any existing control over enemy units.

I found that even at 0 Will, Sirens will spam Mind Control even though it has no effect. It seems to be the default thing for them to fall back to. Today a Siren with disabled head and claws made 5 mind control attempts during one round.

Yep, they did the same to me. It does have an effect though I think. They may lose the mind control immediately because they don’t have the will to hold onto it, but doesn’t it consume that unit’s action points for the turn?

i think the mind control skills like the one that Disciple of Anu priest have it just use will point to be casted so normal to see a siren that dash over your party and mind control one or more of them. And Paralysis i think remove only the action poin once paralyzed a target have 0 AP until that value decrease, you can try attacking synedrion haven they sport paralyzing weapons :smiley: