Showing TU cost during invetory management

I understand that the Inventory system has just been implemented and there will be a lot of work into it in the future.

I would, however, like to express my feeling that it should show how much TU for my action (picking up/ re-arranging) in the inventory cost while I am inside that UI.

Keep up the good work snapshot!

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you use a total of 25% of your TUs whenever you move stuff in your inventory, no matter how much you move.

It is a matter of clarity for the UI.

At the moment it will only show a warning message if it’s out of TU to move anything, but you cannot tell how much TU you will have remain.

I’m pretty sure that it does show how many TUs are used to do inventory things. If you click on the Inventory button, but don’t enter the inventory, a section of the TU bar is darkened. See the clip below from Unstable Voltage’s demonstration of the backer build.

Perhaps the action bar should remain on the screen when the inventory screen is displayed, with the action cost flashing prominently.


You know, I missed the visual cue on this on too. I figured it out when UV said it … so, nothing like figuring it out … :fireworks: hurray for us.

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When you click on the inventory ability, it does show how much I will use IF I move anything around. However, when you move your solider next to crate, there is not TU bar to tell how much TU I will have remain after I move anything.

This will be the ideal solution, hopefully it is easy enough to implement!