Checking Backpack Inventory

Is there a way to check your inventory during battle that doesn’t cost an action point? I have really bad memory and can’t remember/visualise what each trooper is carrying.


Checking inventory does not cost APs. Click on the backpack icon or the default key I.


Was just about to say what mcarver said. Looking at the backpack doesn’t cost any action points, but moving things around (to other areas - ground or hands etc) does (unless you have the “ready for action perk”)

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Ah found my problem, a single click on the backpack icon opened the spend the action point window, to get to the inventory you have to double click it. Thanks guys👍

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Just be aware there is a bug sometimes, that when you need to use say a medpack, it doesn’t show in item select slot. Its a frustrating bug, but still love the game.