Idea for item management

There is something I keep wanting to see when passing out items in this game and many others. It would be fantastic to either have items on the ground count in a 5 tile area for pickup, or to have a cheap/free Pass option.
For example during one game 3 units were hiding on the map corner. Having one guy drop extra ammo, and another guy run there is the normal thing, but if it could just be passed from one to the other, they could remain in their spots and stay ready for the guy coming down the choke point they were holding.
Hopefully something like that would be possible, Thank You for Your time.

Hey there @COFFEEPOTATO. It’s actually possible to pass items between squad members. You have to move them next to each other, open the inventory of the soldier with the item you want to give away and then drag and drop it onto the portrait in the top right hand corner. It does take AP from the character passing the item but I think that’s reasonable since stopping to open a backpack and pass something from it would take about the same amount of time as reloading a gun.

A suggestion I would make for inventory management though is that the game currently seems to take AP off your soldiers when opening the inventory, rather than when moving items around. It should be a free action to open the inventory when you have enough AP to move things around since it’s already a free action when you don’t have enough AP to move things.

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I actually never noticed that, nice! I thought inventory was free to look at, if it isn’t, that definitely feels like it should be a thing.

inventory is free to look at

Yes @Kings_Rook, the inventory is free to look at but when accessing it while you have more than 25% of your AP it will deduct that 25%, assuming that you’re going to move things around before you do. I’ll double check this but I’m pretty sure this is the case.

EDIT: I was wrong. Sorry about that. It doesn’t take off the 25% AP just looking in the menu even if you have more than 25% AP left. Perhaps if you open a chest it does… I’d have to get further into a level to check that so I’ll do it when I’m in a game. Otherwise maybe I moved something I didn’t mean to, haha.

the way it works is, looking is free, moving your first item to another slot is 25% TU, moving anything else is free.

I’ll post the link to my inventory improvements topic here: Inventory feedback