Should Armadillo prevent Willpower drop from the mist?

I wonder if Armadillo should prevent Mist from functioning inside of vehicle. Because currently soldiers inside loose will when the vehicle is in the mist.

Btw vehicle remains operational even if all soldiers inside panic. :slight_smile:


Guess it depends on whether armadillos are hermetically sealed. Maybe that’s a bonus of scarab vs dillo?

Maybe :slight_smile: But then NJ risk quite a lot not having such vehicles.

Variety is the spice of life. I’m sure synedrion seals up like clams, and anu is probably resistant, gotta have someone with a mist weakness, right?

Makes sense that the armadllio should shield soldiers inside from the mist. Any APC would have the latest NPC protection.

Unless of course this mist has some crazy bio, that can get through the latest military technology to block it.

Well, modern military vehicles would. Its debatable if a PMC would’ve been able to develop it to the same degree. Otoh, NJ was supposed to be a crazy advanced PMC, so maybe so. It’d also depend on whether there were enough big brains left and time to modify it to work on the mist. Lastly, it depends on if the mist is strictly a biological weapon, or if it’s willpower effects are more… psychic hivemindy

modern CBRN protections go for the KISS principal of protection. The air they pull in from the outside world is filtered through a series of different filters tailored to remove radiological particles, and the chemical and biological agents (nanometer scale filter meshes, activated charcoal, etc) and then the cabin is over pressured so that any cracks leak to the environment.

Joe Public can easily get access to those materials, some may just be prohibitively expensive. As for the various havens, they’d just need the knowledge of how to make the parts, and they should be fine. That or do the Anu thing of flying above the mist in blimps

Sorry, in my head I was very clear and made sure to let everyone know that I meant in the time period of during/after the mist outbreak, and with the assumption that the mist would probably need filtering that directly targets it beyond what would be ordinary used for “normal” biological dangers. I’d guess the military would’ve rapidly attempted to develop something for it before the world collapsed and that there may not have been time between day 1 and d day to engage the civilian sector as much (outside of synedrion type folks).

Which now that I look at it, is a lot of assuming that I didn’t really mention.

You’re right that current filtration is readily available (unless there’s some secret dod type stuff out there), and folks like New Jericho probably had access to most modern military tech. Dang it, what was the PMC called before the collapse again? I’d suspect that outside of the main factions, it’d be a lot harder to get those systems, as beyond the cost, the societal collapse would’ve made it extremely difficult to obtain.

Back when it was a PMC New Jericho was known as Vanadium Inc

If they had access to the latest military tech when things went sideways, you would have to assume they still have it. Then, if they can build weapons and armadllios, you would have to assume they can make NBC filters.

At first, I thought, we were just finding weapons and going mad max with them BUT we can currently build armadllios new. The next question would be, would the latest military spec NBC system stop the alien mist?

We dont know what it is yet, so its all speculation. I would’ve guessed yes, but we will have to wait for the details.

From a game mission perspective, it would open up some future mission types. If the aliens start using mist as a map denial, spam tactic or there are later more advanced mists. It might force us to use the armadllio to get through that part of the map.

Can’t help but remember the Synedrion-story, about how their “haven” is safe from the virus due to all the countermeasures… until they find a strangely mutated plant inside…

My question is, even if the system stops the alien mist according to them, does it really? But that’s more about “lore” than “pure gameplay”.