More bugs I caught in a playthrough of the 2nd demo

3:20: Get a Willpower boost by being right next to the building I was supposed to capture, not inside of it.

From 7:05 on you can see me get a unit inside the Armadillo, and I would recommend watching the rest of the vid to see some of the problems. Starting at 7:38, when I start loading my other guys into it, we can see some slowdown beginning to rear its head, and the slowdown becomes progressively worse, though it ends after I make the unit I selected move for the turn. Also, as always, you can see how the Armadillo can get “caught” in things using the ram attack, and also can’t return through a hole in the wall it created–I had to “ram” through it again to get back into the base (11:50 onwards).

Hope this helps!


Yup, but always use in game reporting too … hope it will get fixed by november

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