Shooting from the roof with a heavy. cant hit a thing

situation like below. I am on the edge. got LOS both from the line like from aiming mode.
shot fails to connect as every single shot PASS through the enemy, two different crabs, three different spots. same result.

hey :slight_smile:
Your dude is level 2 so i’ll assume you’re really early in the game.

Have you tried to “zoom” with your mousewheel when you click on aim button, before firing?

You’ll see a big aiming reticle. The ammo is guaranted to hit somewhere in the bigger circle and have 50% chance to land in the smaller inner circle.

If your ennemy isn’t entierely covering the aiming reticle, then you have a more or less big chance to miss the shot.

And the big handed canon is far to be acurate, at this distance you probably have far less than 50% chance to hit. ^^

On this game altitude doesn’t give a “flat” accuracy boost (like it will in firaxis xcoms for exemple), all it does is giving usualy better angle to fire up the ennemy partial covers, but taking the highground isn’t ever the way to go ^^

Surely taking the high ground is what should be happening, the military teach it for a very good reason.

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no. he is lvl 2 because he is my rookie from the 2nd platoon. the rest is lvl 6.
yes. I tried the wheel, thanks for asking, that’s why I explicitly mentioned aiming mode.
I know how to read aiming circles, just find it ‘quite unfortunate’ to miss ten times in a row

the circle is like this:

also. after I jump down, same distance, same LOS, I hit both of them. so it’s not a luck, it’s a bug

I always put an AR on my heavy, change the helmet in the beginning to something that gives accuracy. Then I double class him as an Assault later, I Switch weapon on him, since the Heavy weapons are just bad at roofs etc.

Sorry if i offended, i saw people speaking about “aiming” when they see ennemy being in range (sight icon inr ed) without even knowing they can manualy target them, must say the game don’t explain it much except the discret tooltip upside the fire weapon button^^

Well according to the screen, you have a really low chance to hit. the inner reticle isn’t even fully on ennemy, so it can miss even in the 50% chance it will land inside, and the outer circle is fully in the air (or in the shield, that won’t damage the crab no matter, or really poorly)


From real life admittedly, SBS Operator firing into Afghan prison during a jailbreak. High position with heavy weapon. No real excuse for not allowing it.


i never say it’s not allowed, all i said it’s that it don’t, in the game code itself, boost the accuracy by itself ^^

On other games of the genre you frequently had an additional +10, 15, X perccent of chance to hit, witch is not the case in the game. Like in reality, a soldier doen’t magicaly became more accurate (in stand up position anyway) by having the highground, waht he will have, is a better field of view, a better angle to aim, an ability to shout up the ennemy lower cover, and a way to crouch for take cover from shout from lower levels.

So yes, it’s definetly effective in reality and in phenix point, but not for an actual “flat” accuracy boost ^^

Rocket Launcher can be bad in CQB, pistol can be bad for sniping…because the physic model for projectile works for them.
The very same model is not working for Hel cannon. Not because the weapon is bad, but because model is wrong and should be fixed.
If you toss a coin, you expect to see 50/50 distribution. if you toss it four times and got 1/3, thats life. but if you toss ten times and then got 0/10 you don’t blame math, you start to think that maybe something is wrong with the coin? Like I said. when I jump down and start to shoot, the accuracy is correct to what I see in a circle at this particular distance.


No worries, I provided a feedback since BB1, and I am just frustrated that some bugs that we identified months ago are on the day 1 like nothing happend

heh, i was here from baker 2 and later, and a lot of changes have been made according to player suggestions. Hopping every single point is worked in is really optimistic, especialy when people have different oppinions about a same subject ^^

For the heavy gun i don’t relly feel like it’s a bug or anything, it’s a freaking hand cannon, sure it will have issues, but it can even be by design choice. The firing angle is from lower, cause of the mass, the bullet is slower, cause of the air resistance, and therefore ennemy move during the bullet travel time, even if it’s a little move it can end up in totaly different result at impact.
It’s a really starting weapon that have almost no interest as soon you unlock the grenade launcher + gatling combo, that will do everything with far better efficience and accuracy.

From my point of view, the handcanon is like… you crossed a big allien, you had to do a quick fix, and heh, why not making a damn low tech cannon that can barely do the job, but will at least have a chance to scratch a shell. It’s definetly not a “weapon” by itself that is intended to be kept in the gameplay latter on ^^

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I think the design of the hand held heavy weapons is perhaps one of the faults in a way here. If they were more traditional with stocks the game mechanic that their held low would be null and void, and they could be fired over low walls and aimed down from roofs. It just strikes me as a very gamey mechanic, and that whats beginning to put me off the game which is a great shame.


Has to be a bug, I don’t remember this happening before.

TBH I like that because we hold cannon on the waist level, we can’t shoot while we are behind partial cover.
I like that because mounted rocked launcher is parabolic rather than straight-line RPG style, we shouldn’t use it indoors. But if the game shows me that I have this chance to hit, and I’m seeing my bullet going straight through the enemy without doing any damage, I call it a bug.
I use goliath on my second heave and deceptor on the third. I just kept this Hel on my rookie, because I still like how easy is to daze crabs and destroys their shields, while keeping mats for rebuilding the base.

But why hold a weapon at waist level? Unless it’s a Smartgun it makes no sense.

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because of the weight of the gun. It’s a ‘cannon’ not a HMG :slight_smile:

First of all, heavier bullets/shells are less effected by air resistance because of their higher mass, this is just physics. If they travel slower in game, it’s just for spectacle as there is no bullet drop anyway and slower flying projectiles would have significantly shorter range because of the gravity.
There multiple reasons why higher ground is suppose to give you an advantage in combat situation, one is that you can retain a higher cover while targets will have lower cover. You can maneuver in cover. More over, it is easier to aim at moving targets as their movement in relation to the observer is less “parallel”. Any thrown devices can be thrown further, any projectile can travel further. There is no reason for any weapon to be less precise because it’s used from a higher point… The exception would be if you are shooting at enemies who’s depth dimension is significantly lower than their width and height and you are shooting at higher than 45 degree angle.


“Looks cool”, there is no way something would become a military equipment if soldier can’t aim it. Even real life flamethrowers are not used/build like that.

And a “Cannon” would be put down on a bipod, or a weapon harness like an Aliens Smartgun. The design used is (to me) flawed considering the hi-tech nature of the armour with it’s aim bonus’s.

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