SO Tired of the Corner Bug

I’m sure you’re all familiar with it: you’re positioned at a corner where you should have a totally clear LOS to the target, but somehow your soldier is unable to see the target, even if it is literally just a few tiles away in nearly a direct line forward from the corner. Absurdly, some targets that require more of a step-out can be visible when the seemingly obvious target is not.

This bug has been around since the BB time, and it’s infuriating every time I encounter it, especially when enemy troops, like Sirens, take full advantage of it. Honestly, it’s completely inexcusable that such a basic LOS bug has still not been fixed.


You mean that when soldier is standing at the corner of some bigger structure, at some angle he does not see an enemy? Or what is happening? He can’t use overwatch?

At high cover corners, edges, and doorframes, it’s quite common for a soldier to not be able to see an enemy that he should be able to see clearly. I’ve had situations where an enemy that was farther away and at a greater angle with respect to the corner was visible, but the closer enemy right in front was not.

I’ll screenshot it the next time it happens, as it happens quite often. You haven’t experienced this?

Maybe and may be also that I don’t remember it. :wink: Usually I don’t remember such situations unless they really frustrate me. Too much things right now going on in real life which involve my thoughts, rather of any issues with any game. :smiley: