'Fix' for heavy cover LOS bug that would dramatically improve gameplay

I’m sure we have all experienced the bug where you move behind heavy cover when the game has told you there will be line of sight to a target only to discover it is not recognized and therefore the ‘step out’ mechanic to shoot from heavy cover does not trigger. Meaning that even in free aim you are just left staring at cover in the direction you want to shoot.
Whilst not the worst bug in the world it is common and frustrating and really works against the cover mechanic in general.
I would really like to see the ability to manually trigger the ‘step out’ using the arrow keys whilst in free aim, it would solve not only this annoyance but also frustrations such as where a particularly close twig completely ruins your aim. If the up and down arrows could also control crouch to standing it would also solve a lot of the high ground aiming problems as well.
Ideally this feature would be great if you could nudge the camera (and therefore shot origin) around within a soft zone using the arrow keys in free aim. However i can see how controlling preexisting stances would likely be far easier and quicker to implement, although something would have to be done to prevent the player causing clipping shenanigans.
I am sure I am not the first person to suggest this, however it is most important quality of life improvement I would like to see in the main gameplay loop. It would iron out a lot of the kinks in one of the mechanics that makes this game unique.


I had this exact, similar thought.
I made a psot aswell about this.

It is actually quite embaresing of how frequent this problem is with a game of this genre!

Have you also encountered the problem of shooting over halfcovers from an elevated position?
Also broken! XD

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I couldn’t agree more :slight_smile: I’ve already had 5-10 instances of the game showing me that I had LOS to an enemy, only to find out that once I moved apparantly I didn’t have LOS after all :frowning:

Same goes for the higher ground problem, even though I’ve only had those a couple of times as now I just try to AVOID higher ground, which is really a shame as it goes so much against the realistic gunplay the game is trying to foster.

Allowing us to manually pick wether we’re crouched or standing, and if we wanna step out of cover or not, would really be a big help I think. Great (and simple!) idea :slight_smile:

Evernaila Yes to the elevated half covers! That was why I mentioned the up and down arrows controlling crouch and standing would also be very helpful.
Funny thing I would wager this manual control would be easier to implement than fixing these broken elements otherwise. At the same time it would improve gameplay experience a huge amount for me and I would guess many others. Free aiming really is something special about this game with its ballistic model.
Sorry I didn’t see your post

Oh, nothing to be sorry about!
The more post addressing the issue the better from my perspective.
Sure, it may make the forum cluttered - but atleast it will hopefully make the devs go; “Why are there so many ‘I can’t hit the enemy’ post gonig on?”

Yea, feeling that you should avoid highground advantage is never a good sign of game design. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, imagine what would happen in Star Wars Ep 3?
“It’s over Anikin! I have the high ground!”
“You underestimate the power of broken LoS!”


A small Game called “Phantom Doctrine” implemented this one very good: They ignore everything, literally everything in a one square radius when it comes to calculating originating LOS and LOF, EXCEPT if the soldier is pinned.
This is a very real thing, the closest you are to an object, the easier it is for the human brain to abstract it. The reason why you never find your glasses when they are hanging on your neck :slight_smile:


I was thinking similar yesterday, feels like a workaround rather than a fix, but I’d rather have a gun clip through cover than shoot into it.

I still haven’t. :wink:

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Higher ground should give you advantage, but in Phoenix Point the soldier can’t shoot… Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the game but come on! This issue should have been fixed long before the release…

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Definitely agree, especially since it’s been a known problem for a looooong time

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