Moving multiple aircraft as a group

Did I miss something in the UI? I thought it was possible to click and send two manticores at the same time to a location. I had thought that it could be possible to send both and have all the soldiers go on the same mission. I could be remembering wrong though.

Herb (aka XCOMDOS)

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Never tried, but heard that if you send two manticores to a mission spot you can use soldiers from both, with an hard limit of 8 soldiers

You’ll have to send them separately but once the second one arrives you’ll be able deploy 8 soldiers.

I’ve not actually tried it but I’ve heard it’s a thing…

I confirm that it does work as you just described. Although I don’t understand why we’re limited to 8, if you have a full squad on the 2nd vehicle.


I wish they would let us deploy all of them. Busted my ass to keep them alive

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i want them to arrive simultaneously and deploy all the soldiers from all the craft at the same time.


It would be cool if we have to defend the crafts, and have them as a base to take the wounded, civilians etc.

i figured out the mechanics and i think it’s just weird the decision to limit to 8 soldiers even if i have two full craft at the landing site. the original three XCOM did just what you would expect, as many as were in the craft. loading up my Avenger with soldiers in flying armor and swarming the aliens for a change was part of the game. yes, i still have my 3.5" install floppies. Phoenix Point is only the latest game to promote this restriction.

Herb (aka XCOMDOS)