Is it possible to increase the Manticore's capacity?

I get the feeling that it is possible, but nowhere can I find the research to do it. Is it a faction research? It looks like the max is 8, but I could be wrong.

not sure if it is in BB5. It was 8 in BB3 and BB4, but they are playing with numbers so who knows if it’ll go up

Sacrificing three slots for one APC is harsh, man. Was hoping to be able to bring 5 soldiers + 1 APC. They should change it back to 8 imo

I’m sure it’ll get worked out when they do a full balance pass

actually i had some imagination. that the extra 2 was “outside”. as if it is being carried externally on the aircraft.

8 if max slot for deployment.
you can get 8 slots from Tiamat

Is that just for the manticore, or are there potential changes for the full squad size for missions in general? - I know originally it was planned for a lot larger squads eventually being available in battles.

You can have larger squads in missions already with multiple transports.

That is currently a bug. However, you can have multiple Manticores.

I was planning on trying that out, but haven’t gotten to the point of having multiple transports yet.

You can build a second manticore , then if you send 2 to the same mission you could have more than 6 soldiers at the game . but i don’t recommend since you been speed a lot of time and resources to put just +2 soldiers.