Multiple aircraft bug

Built a second manticore - theorising that I could cover more ground/go to two places at once.

But on attempting to crew the second aircraft, the first one goes to the same base and then sits there - doesn’t land and is no longer moveable - to all intents and purposes my squad of 6 elites and one aircraft have ceased to exist as they both went to the same place. It wouldn’t be a huge issue if the second aircraft landed when the first had moved on - but it didn’t land and wouldnt fly anywhere else (lack of fuel).

I suspect that this is a UI issue - as the game automatically selected ‘both’ aircraft each time I clicked. Even when I manually selected ‘manticore 2’ and clicked, it also selected 1 and moved it if it was within range. (which it just happened to be due to the location of my phoenix bases).

But this makes a second team/aircraft a pointless waste of resources until fixed - please resolve this before release!

Yes I built three and the second one is just stuck, will not move and it is half way between the locations, the other two work fine.

you need to teleport one of them to some location

Had a similar problem where my two manticores were joined and moving as one. Had 12 soldiers going to every mission for little while then it seemed to fix itself.

I have the same issue, im in early game and built a manticore, went to a defense mission and now one won’t fly anywhere anymore.