Secret entrances idea (backer build 2)

When playing around trying to do abnormal things to see if the air would respond. I decided to try mucking around outside the base instead of heading in. During this is noticed a large pipe. And my gamer brain went maybe a secret entrance but sadly it wasn’t. But this got me thinking what if there were alternate entrances some could be secret like a sewage pipe or maybe a vehicle entrance. And when I thought about it more what if you could level up ur havens to have secret entrances for ways to make it easier to take back if need be. Or possible Intel cost on offense missions or maybe a base editor. Or a recon perk for your troops and the engi could melt the bars or maybe a certain informant that was once an former infiltration could reflect that by giving you info like secret entrances or extra Intel slash hacking codes. Who knows maybe we could even dig secret tunnels and plant explosives underneath enemies.


While the secret thingie is cool, i’m not a big fan of it by itself, but i really like the idea of digging (or using existing tunnel) for actualy make ennemies upstair goes boom.

I wonder if we’re gonna have some remote commanded explosives, landmines or other “strategic explosives” on top of classical grenades or explosives launchers. The game benefit a really nicely destructible environement and just using hand grenade or machine gun seem a little limited considering how easier it can be to just make some explosives traps ^^

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