Surveyor/mapping suggestion

I’ve been playing through the backer build and am still really enjoying it, I was thinking about the different kind of maps and I remember the devs saying if their base is attacked the layout would be exactly how the player has set it up.

So it got me thinking wouldn’t it be cool if prior to a mission (on certain maps i.e helping a NJ base or a PP facility if the player could see a “map” of the layout of the area and unless the map suggests otherwise let the player chose one of a coupld of entry points.

Obviously as it would stand it might make the game easier but we balance it with the fact the maps provided are out of date a bridge might have been destroyed or the layout has been changed due to damage sustained so there is a risk.

It could be combined with the drone idea suggested by someone else with the player being able to send a drone over the map (a risk of it being shot down) but if it makes it it maps enemy locations when it spots them (so only the ones not in buildings or otherwise hidden.)

I’m not sure how feasable this idea would be but what does everyone else think?

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You would know the layout for your own haven for sure.