Suggestion on base defenses/upgrades/buildings

Turret or gate when defending
Since theres a big boss will appear.. Lets assume that there will be a big boss invasion…
If there`s an attack on the base the player should have at least defenses am i right ? ( not to say super strong of course, but you can upgrade it or so)
And if the alien does evolve…they can get a tech that summon a underground tunnel to spawn inside the base
( assume that there will be a core or power that supports the base/player have to defend it from getting destroy)

And for the plane …what if player can do modifications on them ?
Such as: having bigger fuel tanks/having medical pods that heal injure soldier fster/having turrets that could assist battles(1 or 2 shot rechargeable or cool downs)/scanner that reveal the map or detect enemies/or maybe Drones ?

And for base…
Armory is a sure thing (weapon ups,armor ups,and please add customization)
Lab ( there can be 2 lab i suggest…1 the science lab and another one for the aliens lab) Lets me explain myself there: Science lab…the normal lab where you research the basic or advanced tech…you research your guns/armors/ammo and many more
Aliens lab..thats where the fun began:soldier have different parts right ? what if we can actually capture an alien and research them for the techs and apply it on our own soldier ? or only apply the DNA into the soldier…increasing mobility/melee damage/immunity to certain/range aim boost/or regeneration to make a bio-soldier
Power relay:providing power to support basic activities
Farms/hydroponic(upgrade silos):provides food+maximum cap for food increase
Hospital:restore injuries/provide battle adrenaline maybe ? (boost stats for a battle or a day or so)

Thats it for now…

and i certainly hope theres a way to look into ur base/haven ..people moving around ..itd be COOOOOL
good luck devs and lets hope it`ll be the GOTY!

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There are supposed to be Laboratory for Phoenix research (and probably alien autopsies) and some other buildings related to tech of all other factions. So probably Anu Facility will enable you to mutate soldiers or something like that. But I’m not sure if it is what you suggest.

And building overall - I suppose it will be something similar to original X-COM plus some additions which make each base self-sufficient. So I suppose everything you mention will be there.

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I see…
Then my wish will just be base defenses will be more epic rather than just similiar with normal battles…
And u can look around in the haven/base

That would be great :wink: