Base building - turrets? Other defence buildings?

Hi there. First post, but been reading a long while.

About base building, outlined in the recent blog. Will I be able, in the finished game of course, to build defence buildings? If this is not planned, I would like to suggest the following buildings:

  1. Walls. Breaking line of sight along long corridors and make the possibility to create mazes to easily defend, perhaps at the entrance to the complex. Destructible of course.

  2. Turret walls. Thick walls breaking line of sight but with turrets (rockets, laser, plasma, whatever). Placing theese along corridors with long lines of fire would be very fun. Destructible of course. And should only operate if the security center is online.

  3. Security cameras. Could have long line of sights and add a bonus to aiming to all soldiers aiming at a creature in range of a security camera. Should also only work if security center is online.

  4. Short walls. Placed along corridors only as cover for soldiers.

I imaging building a real maze at the entrance, with turrets and good cover for soldiers. The enemy would of course destroy these defences, and then I would fall back to a secondary defence position, and when that gets destroyed fight room for room.

In my opinion, that would be FUN!


It would be fun, but I think that we won’t be able to decide where we want to build single elements like wall or turret.

I suppose our options will be limited to building power plant, laboratory, containment facility, barracks, living quarters etc etc. All of them will probably have defined internal structure (with MAYBE 2 or 3 variations).

Maybe there will be facility like Base Entrance Defence Section with some automated defences, but it will probably have predefined elements.

I would be fine with a premade defence building with walls and turrets, maybe in 2-3 variations.

But if they can add:

  1. Simple tunnel. A building that only connects two buildings with each other. Then you could have a long corridor connecting for example two different parts of your base, perhaps one with high security buildings and one with barracks etc. Then you could build some sort of basic security chokepoint at least: with a long tunnel and a turret/defence building at the end.

Security corridors would be fine. :slight_smile:

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Aye, this. I’m not intimately familiar with bunker design but often just funnelling hostiles into locations which are covered by ranged weapons are more practical in many ways (both in developing/implementation for the team and in real bunkers) than a rat’s nest of partitions or corridors designed to trap or confuse intruders. A common feature is to have an entrance at right-angles to the connecting corridor so that heavy fire from outside can’t be fired deeper into the base/bunker. Something akin to what you and @Argen_Tum (of sorts) are suggesting is a choke-point in a corridor comprised of a wall into the corridor with an embrasure in it for a weapon to be fired through while the firer is protected by the wall itself. This both stops enemy LOS (and fire) into whatever is at the end of the corridor, provides a point for a mounted weapon and slows the enemy as they have to move around the wall to progress once the gunner has retreated or been slain. In a game like this it could have an additional benefit of rendering the corridor impassible to larger attackers until the obstacle is eliminated.

From a design perspective that should be a reasonable thing to implement, people familiar with seeing bunkers in films, etc, know what they are on sight and if the scale of base building permits it several such corridors could be placed at right-angles in sequence thus providing a very simple maze to traverse while being security corridors. :slight_smile:

In Apocalypse there were security stations that you could build. I fully expect them to do something similar here, even if the buildings aren’t as effective as unlimited ammo Devestator Cannon turrets that can annihilate a whole enemy attack force while you hide your guys in some bunker with like 3-5 turrets along the single hallway.

There is already stuff like this in OpenXCom mods like X-Piratez and Final Mod Pack.

The base defence missions I have played, seems always using the same digholes.
I would love to see, that they actually dont always get in through 5-7 holes every time. And It would be daft as a defender use a base after it been attacked the first time with 5 more new entries.