Abandoned base tutorial idea

So I was looking at reddit and saw a post where a guy said, “Now if the game included a mode where you play as a captured prisoner trying to escape an alien base with no weapons, i’ll get scared.” So I thought, “Why not?” That would be epic to see as a tutorial. Maybe not an alien base, but maybe it’s quarantined individuals who are working together to escape into the phoenix base, as it’s obvious they don’t have the virus. It might have an air of mystery. You would learn how to pick up weapons and why ammo is important, and figure out that those trained with a certain weapon wield them more accurately, as you might have someone who was a scientist and doesn’t use weapons. Then you lock down the base, and learn how the base builder works, and have to rebuild portions (which they give you the resources and time to do naturally). If they allow you to make more than one plane to coordinate your bases with, then you learn how to build that. If not, you just find it and learn how to move it around with it. After you learn how research works. (Also I don’t think that the whole first mission should be scripted, maybe the first move, and opening a crate but that’s it.) What do you think?


Sounds nice, but question is what script writers prepared for tutorial. :wink:

Sounds like a very cool idea :+1: