Season Pass for backers

I got the luxury digital way back. Do i get the season pass? And is it a separate code?
I thought I got all the goodies when the epic move happened thats what I remember anyway .

If you backed before Epic then you get the season pass. It’s all part of the same key.

If in doubt check your Epic launcher. DLCs should be already listed after redeeming the key, and the Season Pass in the store should be marked as “Owned”.

Yep I see them. No worries. Just the wording of the email. I SEE. A few days more! YES…

I see the game & DLC list but they are not marked “owned” but rather, “unavailable.” Is this right?

If you mean in your library - yes. If they are listed among your owned games, that mean you own those items. They are not available for download until December 3rd (base game that is. DLC when they come out).

how do i know if i backed before epic

If your receipt is from before March 12th, 2019, it is from before the epic deal announcement.