Season Pass KEY

Hi, I am a little lost here? I got the email saying this:

Note: if you have already received, purchased, or intend to purchase the Season Pass, please redeem your main product key first, and then the separate Season Pass key.

I bought the season pass as well but I don’t know how to activate it? I did the first steps with the main product and that’s fine I can see them in there but I don’t seem to have a “KEY” for the pass it is not on the receipt? Any help would be appreciated! I can see the 5 DLC in the Epic library is that the season pass and do I need to activate that or is it already done? Thanks!

if the tier you purchased included the season pass, it will have been bundled into the key and automatically redeemed (which it sounds like it was)

It has been sorted as far as the key is concerned however we did find another issue which is being dealt with right now. That is the MAC version has not been labeled and downloaded all the links to the PC version and now my EPIC account is full of links that say your OS is not Supported. I have been told that they are working on it and it will be sorted by release time. So I do have them all here now but 5 of them are for PC not MAC

Hi, I’ve been a backer since April 18 when I purchased the luxury edition. I got an email with one key code. Does this one code also include season pass? Can’t try it at moment as away but thought I would have 2 keys? Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Yes the code is for the game and the season pass

Actually NO mine needed two! You will know if when you put the key in your account shows all the above in my screen shot, it if does then yes that was all you needed, but if any of this is missing you will need the separate KEY just as I had to do.

Thanks both for the replies. Will give it a go and see what comes up. Much appreciated.

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@UrbanBreen @Spagetman43 those people that backed before the March 12th Epic announcement get the Season Pass for free, and it is bundled with their key. this also applies to those people that pre-ordered the Ultra Edition tier, which includes the Season Pass. Everyone else has to buy the Season Pass separately so they’ll get two keys