Scylla Mind-Controlled...mission ends Scylla escapes?


While on a settlement defense mission for NJ I had ended the fight by Mind controlling a Scylla Thyreos. When the mission ended the Scylla was not captured and had been allowed to retreat with maybe 300 HP to its Citadel (which I attacked immediately after the NJ mission). The Scylla had reduced HP in the Citadel as explained above but still not sure why it was not captured. I had containment facilities, maybe not on that continent? Not sure if that matters as well?

Not sure if this is, as intended but thought I would identify it.




Mind-controlled units are not captured when the mission ends. In order to capture a unit, it needs to be fully paralyzed when the mission ends.

Your mission was Haven Defense which ends when no more enemies are alive (mind controlled and fully paralyzed enemies do not count as enemies). So the game checks: Are there any enemies alive? No! → End the mission. After it ends the mission it checks: Are there any fully paralyzed Pandorans supposed to be transferred to the containment? No! → So nothing is captured.

Bottom line: Capturing via mind-control does not work.


Should though.


I agree it should too! Especially the Scylla. To paralyse it without Synedrions paralysing weapons is extremely difficult do to the fact you have to get in close and the Scylla can kill your soldier in one go

Just as a hint for anyone who don’t know, blurred because it spoils a bit the story:

Capturing a Scylla is only necessary for the PP ending, the other ends don’t need this research.