Paralyzing Scylla on Citadel-Mission - no mission ending

I played a citadel mission for very long.
I cornered a Scylla and got her finally paralyzed. Mission refused to count as finished. Had to kill her.

Is this really intended?

Did you kill all of the other enemies? I’m pretty sure that all other enemies have to be cleared out.

You`re right, I killed everything else on the map.

From what I’ve read here, this sounds like a bug. If the rest of the map was dealt with, this should have been a successful capture.

I did it too, and it worked, I captured the Scylla and other enemies paralyzed, mission ended when no enemy was alive and not paralyzed, hadn’t to kill the Scylla. Seems you had a bug, but had you check all eggs for example?

So you had more then the Scylla paralyzed?

Yes a few more, but killed many too to hurry it. It was before last patch, could have changed.

Same question from me, the eggs count, did you destroy all of them ?

Can`t tell for 100 %, sorry.

The only time I did it, it didn’t stop and I had to search all the map, I don’t remind if it was an egg, perhaps some crab hidden in the back that I never saw.

I also had it. The first time I met Scylla and wanted to paralyzed. I had to kill her. I think the problem is this, the game considers that there must first be a corpse and then allows paralyzed.

You are not forced to kill to have the autopsy available. Capturing unblocks both autopsy and vivisection.

It’s the eggs. I had the same thing. Paralyzed Scylla, all enemies cleared. I scoured the map till I found the last egg - once that was destroyed, the mission ended.

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Aaaaaaah. I thought it was a bug. I had the same but did not kill the eggs.