Does this game ever actually explain how you capture Pandorans?

And can you capture a Pandoran on a level with constant enemy reinforcements?

Yes. At least if you play with the Tutorial on there will be a panel after building the containment facility (IIRC, could be also after some research).

Yes, you can capture Pandorans on missions where there are constant reinforcements.

I know this is not exactly the same thing but can you capture on extraction missions? I am thinking not, but the thought came to mind.

Yes you can, otherwise you would have big problems to capture a Scylla ;-).
I don’t know of any mission type where capture didn’t work.

Interestingly, I had never captured a Scylla on their nest missions, only on haven defenses. Good to know, however.

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Do Scyllas no longer turn up for a Haven mission anymore? If not, then it’s a pity. I thought that they were terror Pandorans. I would typically bash them up a bit in a Haven mission and let themselves leace the battle to quickly follow them back to their citadel. Upon arrival, they’d be easy pickings to kill. But perhaps that is a small loophole being closed.

What doesn’t make sense is how on an evacuation mission e.g. citadel or lair mission, one can capture an enemy unit! Doesn’t an evacuation imply an act of leaving in an emergency? But perhaps that’s the same as teleportation across the world.


Actually I don’t know exactly because I haven’t finish a campaign after the last patch. But what I can say is that after the introduction of the newly pandoran evolution system with previous patch (Chtu…something, I cant remember the exactly name :wink: ) I never saw a Scylla in heaven defence till to the end of the campaign, I only got them in their Citadels. But the evolution was really slow at this point, so maybe now they will also come to heavens, they have almost double the evolution speed (so it feels for me, don’t know exactly).

It’s very rare. Apparently the attacking force is created by a set number of points. The Scylla being the most expensive followed by Chiron & Sirens. It seems that the RNG spends too much and can’t afford a Scylla.

I’ve paralyzed 8 Sirens so far but never got one collected at end of mission. Have containment room. What am I missing here? I think they all have some sort of bleed or virus debuff at time of paralyzing, does that negate capture? Do I need to solely attack w/paralyzing weapons?

No, this should not be a problem.

Sorry if these sound like stupid questions but are you sure that

  1. the Siren is actually paralysed? (the first number is equal to, or higher than the second one, i.e. the paralysis damage is equal to or exceeds the current strength of the Siren)?

  2. That the containment facility is powered up?

  1. The containment facility has free space? (can be checked at the ‘personnel’ tab)

Yes, to all of those but now I realize maybe this is my problem – I keep paralyzing until it falls to ground. Is that too much? ie. I just need to end the mission w/Siren in paralyzed state but still standing up?

When he is paralysed, he only sags a little but does not completely fall to the ground. Maybe you do to much and he died?
Look at the numbers on the Siren as @Voland described, this is the best way to see if and how long an enemy is paralysed. Each turn the left value goes down by one and increases when you use a paralysing weapon and the right one is the one that you have to reach. Edit: You can do much more than the right number, but also look at his health bar. When he died, well then he is dead :wink:

Ah crap, that’s definitely it. Yeah, Siren sags when I get him/her in paralyzed state, but then I keep paralyzing until he/she falls down. Just b/c that’s what worked for capturing crab men and some other simple stuff.

OK, just leave him/her in the sagged state and I’ll finally get one.

And look at the numbers, if you don’t have enough over his threshold then he is coming back from the paralysed state and will not be captured. Every turn its paralysing value decreases for one point.

Ah, so it’s easier said than done. Need to paralyze her and keep her paralyzed but not let her bleed out. Wish I could heal an enemy. Does infected by virus affect this at all?

Virus should only affect WP not HP.

Boy do I feel dumb. I’m armed to the teeth w/neural weapons as I my next try was going to be only shooting a siren w/paralyzing weapons only. Now that I know I just need to put in paralyzed state after knocking down some hit point, I just captured a siren, chiron, and 2 more arthrons in a single mission. Ha, lesson learned… ask smarter people here on forum