Help me capture a Scylla (before it bleeds out)

I hadn’t plaid in almost 2 years and I’m trying to capture a Scylla in a Citadel to complete a research : it as sonic canon arms (can’t let it use those), a head spitting poisonous goo (I’d rather not let it use this either) and some 5k HP. I have 8 soldiers (lvl 6-7), a few paralyzing pistols, 1 paralyzing rifle, 1 assault with electric tentacles, 1 priest, 2 viral weapons and two Neurazers on hand.

I can disable the beast’s head and arms in 1 Turn but, if I do so, I can’t get to the required 320 paralysis before the poor thing bleeds out and dies on me. I’ve tried only disabling the arms, but then it spews goo, hindering most of my soldiers ability to stun it in melee, the beast having more HP requires even more paralysis and neutralization takes too long, new pandas arrive that need dealing with… and the Scylla bleeds out again.
I’ve tried not disabling the arms, but it just wrecked my squad.
It starts with some 60 WP and, despite killing many of its friends and using viral weapons, I can’t seem to “panic” it unless it’s already severely wounded (missing a few limbs), and then it bleeds out.

Does any tactician around here have a good idea how to get to 320-400 paralysis without the Scylla dying on me or blasting my squad with its canons ?

For sure you need Neuralizers and Hera handguns to deliver many paralysis in one turn.

First with handguns to hinder her actions then unlimited amount with melee. You just need to deliver more paralyze damage than HP she is loosing per turn.

Unfortunately you have chosen tough Scylla (equipped with deadly weapons) - where you need to disable her attacks.

And I’m not really sure if you can capture Scylla in Citadel. You are there to kill her, so either it won’t be completed objective (and if you complete it without objective it probably doensn’t gather things like paralyzed enemies)…

Try again, but in my opinion it is better to kill that one and then try to capture other during haven defence where she will have different combination of attacks.

Thanks man, I appreciate your time.
Tbh, the problem was solved a while ago, after I realized the Scylla had to move away from melee to use its’ sonic head : I don’t know why, I don’t remember having known that before and I discovered it largely by chance, but I cornered it, cut it’s canon-arms off with a Scyther and it worked. Now, it just so happened that the capture didn’t count toward the bloody ‘Psychic Influence’ research I wanted the beast for. So… you ended up being right : I need another one ! I just don’t know what powers count as “psychic”. I guess I’ll hit the wiki…

Which also answers your own question : you absolutely can capture a Scylla in a Citadel, and it count as victory (as long as it’s still paralysed when your last unit evacuates). :slightly_smiling_face:
Is it worth adding to your guide ?

I suppose it is somewhere in the guide. But I don’t remember game so well. Haven’t played it for over a year now. Guys who do the mods, surely are more on the page with all the mechanics. :slight_smile:

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