Scyla uncatchable

During citadel mission I paralyzed the old girl. But it does not end the mission.

You have to kill her to win. Not sure if this is WAI.

The thing with Catching monsters is that, Paralyzed enemies need to be the last ones alive, AND PARALYZED.
Always check before attempting to capture monsters.

-All OTHER monsters are dead.
-No allies are Mind controlled (Sirens can maintain mind control even while paralyzed)
-You have spotted and killed, or paralyzed, all enemies on the map.
-Mission Complete Status, Ambush and Special Missions only end after certain things are done.

For example, to capture a Scylla on a Citadel Mission, she needs to be the last one alive, or you need to paralyze all other enemies along with Scylla.

Hope this helps.

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I see, so even though the victory condition in the citadel mission is to kill the Scylla (which instant ends the mission even if the other infected are alive) you would need to murder everything else to trigger the capture conditions and successfully end the mission.

Hmmm I might just go after her when she’s raiding a base, might be less tough!

Find a citadell and wait for a haven defence mission in its vicinity. There should be a scylla present there and it should be allot easier to catch.

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Not true… I have paralyzed and then killed the rest plenty of times and I still got the captures.

Best way to capture the queen is at defend mission. I always find and kill the queen in 1st turn at citadel mission :expressionless:

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The golden key to capture Scyllas… 2 rage burst snipers with neural sniper rifles hahaha


Why two ? One is plenty, queen can’t do anything with the amount of paralysis applied. At 15 paralysis per shot, I don’t remember how many shots Athena can dish but it should be plenty, no ?

First of all you have to ally with Synedrion. Wasn’t lucky to have many Synedrion around me so Scylla was captured using Neurazer.

Just in case you couldn’t get to a good angle with one. I never did ally with Synedrion I just raid them a lot and collected lots of these weapons.


Many times I have found that there are enemies stuck due to the randomization of the cavern layouts. They are unable to get anywhere near you and you must track them down. Usually I find them on the lower levels without ladders or stuck behind outcroppings along the edges of the map.

Once these are taken out the mission ends as it should (for me).

Additional issues with mission not ending/work arounds on the surface vs caverns:
Note 1: Once I found a Siren stuck on a pillar and had to snipe it down.
Note 2: When the worms are stuck in trees and they don’t appear when blowing up the tree, stand by it with one of your soldiers and it should explode thereby ending the mission.

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Mind controll abiltiy to priest, combined with viral assault riffle

A very “easy” way to capture Scyla.

OBS . as long as it is the last unit in the field/map/board when you mind controll it that turn.

Other way as mentioned is rage burst with paralysers(remember to remove armour with explosives or shred ability).
Also possible to prevent it from escaping to often spawning spider bombs with infiltrator, also good to remove armour.