Scylla impossible catch?

Hi there,

I paralyzed Scylla in a refuge defense, she’s also the last mob, but the game doesn’t end.

How can I capture the scylla?

Tried the citadel, nothing
nothing here either,

Do I have to capture her on a replenishment mission?

Thank you

Has found, it is in the Matrix bug.

anywere idea?

Have to capture her on a mission where killing isn’t the objective

If the Scylla is the last creature on a haven defense and paralyzed and the mission doesn’t end then there’s still something alive. Look for pings around the map, there may be a worm trapped in scenery or a mindfragger off hiding in a corner. Blow up whatever the worm is trapped in then kill it.

There is a creature in a triangular shape, unfortunately indestructible. I didn’t granade either, and I don’t have a granadier with me.

Deswegen Pech. Wieder ein Bug.