Scylla dynamic is great

Recently while doing some Haven Defence missions I noticed a great consequential effort in the game. I always try to badly injure a Scylla pandoran, because typically they can have the spawn of death feature (lots of face crab things come out upon death). Then it slowly walks off the map in the next turn hopefully. Great, it’s gone so now I can concentrate on other units.

But after completing the mission, if the Pandoran base that’s revealed is a citadel, then that’s where it headed back to. So I head on the the citadel base and start the mission. When the Scylla appears, it’s still badly injured.

I probably should probably experiment to see if I wait a month whether it heals itself. But the Scylla is now very easy to kill. But I really like the injury not instantly healing. It’s a great feature in the game!


I think that’s always been there, but it’s a really neat dynamic. I like it a lot.