2nd time "brickwall": "Capture Siren/Scylla..."

This is the second time I’ve got to a certain point in the game where the main objective is to capture a siren (and today, a scylla) and I am assuming that since there aren’t any other main objectives listed that I need to do this before I can get any further. I’ve done a bit of capturing in the past but it’s always seemed a bit “hit and miss” for me.

Does anybody have any tips for how to progress? I have a few snipers armed with Synedrion Athena rifles (I think that’s what they’re called!)

Thanks :slight_smile:

The paralyzing sniper and the paralyzing pistol are basically the big tools you need. A heavy with Warcry is also helpful.


If you have Athena just snipe them until you will see “Paralyzed” status on enemy. In other words make left number higher than right number by few points like for example “40/32” - it will mean that enemy will be paralyzed for 8 turns since that moment. Scyllas have really high value on right side so you first need to disable their limbs to lower that value and be able to capture her.


I think melee is pretty good agains scylla. There is a cybernetic armor that reduce AP of melee attacks to 1, also there is a melee weapon that adds virus per attack. If you use the heavys warcry to reduce its AP by 2, the scylla is not such a big challenge anymore.

Once you have 50% paralyse while warcry is active, the scylla starts with 0 AP, so you can repeatly attack it with the neuralizer until you are owner of a new pet for food purpose :heart:

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Thanks for the tips, everyone.

In terms of actually finding a scylla/siren, I am guessing that a Pandoran citadel is probably the place to look but if anybody has any suggestions of other places to look then that’d be appreciated too. At the moment with no other main objectives being listed, I am mainly just bouncing around the map trying to defend havens!

If you’re just encountering the Siren for the first time, it should be easy enough to just load a scarab with 2-3 soldiers who have the Neuralyzer and just exit them out for two paralyze jabs before entering them back into the scarab each turn until the thing is paralyzed. Save the siren for last, use this trick to protect soldiers from MC and damage, let the Scarab do most of the tanking/avoiding damage (go ahead and paralyze their entire team this way if you want to spend the turns). You’re guaranteed to get one in the NJ 50% story mission I believe, and that’s the fastest way to capture one if you prepare properly… otherwise you’re just waiting for them to show up in regular missions.

Not sure about the new Scylla yet, never managed to get that far since rework but imagine by then you should at least have the Athena sniper rifle and I’d consider that a must with some series of tricks to get a lot of shots on it per turn. Using things like Viral weapons and talents on MGs/Shotguns to significantly reduce its WP and maybe even a Warcry to keep it locked down each turn until it’s fully paralyzed? This tends to show up sometime after the first month initially in a tough Haven raid (though this might be different these days with the various reworks) and that’s usually the first opportunity to get one, and then they’re guaranteed in a Citadel so letting one grow might also be an idea? That was my plan anyway… This would all be on Legend with no DLC.

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In case it helps anybody else searching the forum, there are a couple of things that I realised after playing a bit more tonight:

  1. In future games I will make sure that I try paralysing different types of enemy much sooner, rather than just “shooting to kill” - there are plenty of future research opportunities!

  2. Based on the tips above, the Scylla really isn’t the nightmare I thought it was going to be. I had it in my head (from an earlier version of the game, perhaps) that I had to actually kill the scylla in order to complete a citadel mission. However, tonight I finished such a mission for the first time \o/

Thanks again for the tips, everyone.

paralyzin pistols are now a bit more effective than paralyzing sniper rifles… you can fire 4x7 with pistol, but just 1x16 wit sniper rifle… if you add quick aim, you can shoot twice (but at the same time pistol shot becomes 0AP)

That is true, but you have to hit the spot where you can pen the Scylla. The Hera has only 30 piercing and 10 damage, so anything up to 40 armor it does nothing. And it is way more inaccurate than the Athena to do exactly this.
I managed it only with pistols but my shooters stand pretty dangerous close and only a bunch of spider drones helps that the Scylla doesn’t simply kill my pistoleros, she was very busy to get these little beasts out :wink: (I don’t explode them but put them around the Scylla and she was only able to kill once per turn, a bit gamey but also funny)

when i go against scylla, i already have abilities that remove armor from a body part…only then i use heras to paralyze…but admit, recently i have kinda struggled to capture it… it bleeded out on me few times…

Yeah, using the Spider drones to block her movement is great. 2 - 3 Infiltrator (main or subclass) with the Triple Deploy skill give you an army quick. Dual Class Assaults with Ready for Action can deploy 6 per turn.

It’s expensive in terms of ammo, but it’s as effective as tying it down with steel cables, and you can detonate them to help strip the armor and cripple the legs. The Scylla can only attack one drone per turn so it’s easy to keep up with and makes her basically harmless.