Neutering Scyllas

Does anyone actually bother trying to neuter Scyllas by removing their weapons or do you just pick a limb and nuke it?

I remember seeing the early build stuff and the Devs saying how you could blow off their offensive weapons but to me they just seem crazily armoured and it seems very inefficient to bother with them. I find it easier just to pick a limb (bit usually the abdomen) and nuke it with everything I have.

Scylla fights seem boring to me and there seems to be very little incentive to try and reduce their effectiveness. It just seems easier to outright kill them.

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Yes. Because devs has changed that since early builds. Now disabling pincers is ineffective and not worth comparing with less armored parts. So you’re doing right.

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On the ither hand, if you have a weak team you can often get the scylla to retreat back to its citadel, and if you send a team there quickly you will encounter it weakend (although not zure if with disabled limbs)

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No need to hurry, as she doesn’t regain HP. However, all armor and body parts will be healed.