Fighting a Scylla - takes no damage

Hi Guys,

I’m encountering my first Scylla and it seems to take no damage from shotguns and pistols. Recording hits but “0 damage”.

Sniper shots and hitting it with a hammer works but other hits do nothing. Doesn’t seem to matter where I aim.



Hi :slight_smile:

Have you checked the armor value of the parts you’re aiming at? It seem the only weapon doing damage are the one that do the most damage per shot / hit so i suppose you’re just using a soldier 30 dmg rifle on 30 + armor parts?

Just in case you don’t know, when you’re about to shoot with a soldier you can use mouse wheel to “zoom” and inspect every part individualy, looking for a part that have a lower armor should resolve your issue.

Armor in the game is “pure” one armor point will reduce received damage by 1. So an ennemy with a part that have 30 armor (pretty frequent even in early game) will have this part totaly invulnerable to the low damage assault riffle, for exemple.

If the whole ennemy have part of 30+, you can try different trick to reduce it;
-A good shot of the cannon guy will destroy 10 armor per shot.
-Most explosive will wreck armor
-A sniper with a high enough level unlock a perk making armor disapear pretty efficiently

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just to go further into the damage calculation, it is:
Bullet Damage - (Armour Value - Piercing, if less than 0 set to 0)

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The issue is his armor is too thick higher than the bullet damage itself. You need Armor piercing weapon or Acid weapon. In my case the game is extremely unbalanced, heavy is way too OP. With a Lv7 heavy/sniper character you can use the Rapid fire skill shoot out 10 round sniper (10x150dmg) in single action. Try to shoot the legs part once they lose body parts the max health will drop. So even with 2k health aiming at the torso/ legs part can kill anything in the game at first round first action it’s not even funny.

I don’t understand ‘Max Damage’ reductions. Does this mean they can’t heal back to full health or does this lower their health further? I assumed that it just lowered their max health if they heal, but very few Aliens bother healing so I’ve never worried about this.