Savegames are gone, need to rollback (Gamepass)

Hi, have been playing for over 5 months, a 100-hour game in Windows, with Gamepass and now my savegames are gone. Game updated automatically. Can I rollback?

Gamepass has no capacity to roll back versions, its a feature that does not exist on the MS Store

I am not aware that Epic can rollback too, so time to start fresh …

Unfortunately not. Only Epic allowed to disable auto-update and preserve current playthrough.

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The only means of rolling back is if one has a backup of the previous build. Or, if someone is willing to share their older build. I am pretty sure that the Epic version is not DRM protected.

Yes that could be done. Maybe someone holds backup of the game. I stopped doing so after release in Dec 2019.

EDIT. Lol actually I have copy because I haven’t updated to Polaris yet.

Epic ‘kinda sorta’ does but i functionally require you to have a separate ‘game’ entry in your library.

Its not really like the Steam model where you can select a specific beta channel from potentially dozens of them.

I’m seeing it mostly for games that hvae an experimental type of build that they want people to test on, and a mainline build for everyone else. I guess they could somehow provide a ‘1.8’ version of the game maybe call it like Phoenix Point Classic or something.

On the GamePass thing though? They definitely do not have anything at all.


Please I hope anyone or Snapshot games to make 1.8 available because I had a 100 hour game and it took me about 5 months. I can’t play it over again. I was 10 hours away from finishing the Yugotthian Receptacle tech that I’m almost sure was the end of the game. Plus Synedrion was completing a Moon Project building in one heaven. This is terrible what they have done

If someone can share through PM/DM if allowed by this site I’m grateful

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For GamePass there’s not really any solution. Even if the developers wanted to do this, MS has no functional solution in place for it.

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Ok, anyway I’ve granted myself access to WindowsApp folder to retrieve my old savegames (as I’ve done with other games) and they are not there. It’s not only that they are incompatible, but they straightforwardly deleted them. This is criminal.

GamePass save games arent stored there Cloud saves for Game Pass are stored under


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Thanks for the info, I wish I’d seen it earlier. Anyway, I’ve been looking for them desperately the last 30 minutes and I found them in a folder named WpSystem where the container from the folder you indicated seems to be stored.

The problem is that they seem to be locked. Tomorrow I’ll enquiry further into this.

I’m leaving a screenshot in case others are looking for this location

Ok, these encrypted savegames seem to be working on a 1.8 version I managed to get. I hope I can end my campaign now. Thanks everybody for the help, if anyone wants info about what I did just send me a PM if that’s ok with this forum’s rules. I certainly can’t share it here.


Glad someone backed up 1.8 and problem is resolved. Happy campaigning!

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