Gamepass Savegame revisit

I see the topic from March regarding save games but it does not look like it was resolved in any way. I am creating a new topic to draw attention again.

I play sporadically, the last time I played was October 2020. Started the game today and I have no option to load save games. Start a new game and try to load from there, save games are blank.

I have verified that the save games are on the hard drive, why can the game not see them? I do not see where this is being addressed.

I just created a new savegame file and noticed that it was not put in the same folder as the past saves I found. Did the savegame path change for patch 1.9?

Xbox Game Pass for PC - patch 1.9

EDIT: Nervermind the link below. Newly made saves don’t seem to register for you either.

Oh that is good information, thank you. Yes newly made saves are visible in the game GUI, but seem to not be stored in the same location on the hard drive.

I had the idea that I would just copy my files to where ever the new path is, but reading that post it would not do me any good. Looks like I will be starting over. . . again.