Save games don't load after update

The update has just downloaded and updated the game but now when I try to continue my game it hangs on the loading screen. Both the autosave and the 2 manual saves I have experience this. It is like the save loads and the background sounds change to the level but the screen stays on the loading graphic. Anyone else experience this or can suggest a fix?

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I experienced the same thing!

Is there a way to remove the update?

I finally managed to fix the issue by verifying the game in the Epic Games launcher. Worth trying if you have a similar issue.

“an error has occured while loading the game level”
same here, verifying doesn’t help!

are you loading a save that is in an instance or on geoscape
iv found since the patch the game chrashes trying to load any save thats in an instance

i tried both. i was able to load one of the old saves(1 day old, mission in lair).

I made a shortcut of the exe file to play offline.
Today i have made the update and all my saves are gone. I have now all the old saves i played the day one…
how can i have back all my “offline game saeves” ?

Same here. Scylla mission, killed it with extreme difficulty, but now no saves will load.

With the bugs that make a mission unfinishable (creature inside ammo crate), and now this, I’m done with this game until something changes.

i cant load Tactik savegame, all savegame. this is so good. a Dream.

Edit: i can nothing loads. Why?