Rescue the phoenix point operatives

I would if you didn’t put them on the other side of the map in the middle of 10 enemies.

Apparently, it is intended that if the player doesn’t rush to the rescue risking his own operatives in the process he shouldn’t be able to rescue all the neutrals, so something like rescuing only 1 soldier on turn 3 is expected. However, all neutral soldiers dying in the first two turns is not intended, so if you run into something like that you should report it via F12, as the devs are always trying to improve these missions to make them work as intended.

A problem I see with these rescue missions is that they are very difficult in the early stages of the game (where you really need these operatives) because you’re soldiers are mostly to slow and weak to get where they are AND do something useful to help them.
In the later stages with an experienced squad these missions are mostly pretty easy. That’s why I almost ignore them in the beginning and do them later.

Interesting… In the early game I find them pretty easy because the enemies aren’t evolved and there are no Sirens around. I have problems in these missions when there are Sirens with Psychic Scream about.

BTW, you can get much higher level recruits in these missions if you do them later.

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I have not so much troubles with Sirens but maybe because I only play on Veteran and with an expierienced team I have them almost ‘disabled’ in the second, at least in the third turn … :wink:

Yes I know and this is also a reason for me to delay them. But 3 recruits for free at beginning would also be very nice.

I find them most difficult just before mid game. Where aliens are already quite evolved and my team is not build with the most experienced soldiers. Then it often is quite lost combat. Early enemies don’t stand a chance even vs basic neutral soldiers, so you don’t have to rush. Later your soldiers are so experienced that resquing at least one of neutrals in not a hard task.

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That could be, but since these missions are in the game I don’t got them THAT early. The earliest I can remember was about 2 weeks in the game and the Pandorans were already evolved to the better ones. I tried it but it wasn’t able for me to get it done satisfactory and only one operative out of 3 was not a good result for me.