I’ve been playing XCom since the first, turn-based strats are my favourite genre. Phoenix Point is clearly in my vision, so I got it. I have so far played around 5 hours, having restarted twice, each time on the standard setting.

I kinda wish I hadn’t got PP… But I want to like it.

I love the fact that there is clearly a lot inside the mechanics of PP, the factions are great and I see a real potential for playing with the Diplomacy as well as tweaking my squad.

There is though, one glaring problem: the difficulty level is totally over the top. One reviewer claims PP is too easy, but I feel the total opposite. My squad wiped twice, so I am on my third play, and I have only played one time two hours, but that team wiped.

I came on here now through frustration: I am literally an hour in from the start of the game, and my team was about to be wiped but luckily I have a Geoscape save so will not go back to that mission. I have six guys, level 3 or 4, and firstly a Siren from nowhere took my heavy weapons guy, then from right across the map worms start flying in… They exploded on my guys as I was frantically trying to kill the Siren holding my Heavy. So I had to send to guys running toward the mortar alien, and yep, they get badly damaged on the way… I quit, it’s not interesting at all to have such powerful enemies on such a low level team.

In addition, how many times have I lost a man during an ambush mission? Losing guys for what? You gain nothing for these ambushes, in fact you gain potential losses with zero reward.

I want to like the possibilities this game presents, but how can I if my teams are being wiped by far superior enemies?

I will leave it a few days, maybe come back and do Easy level, but honestly, without a patch that addresses some serious balancing issues, I am not compelled to return.

I know that all too well, first time getting into a Lair i faced a mortar chiron bombarding my Squad from the other side of the map, while i was able to reach and kill it with a grenade Launcher and my sniper 3 Sirens show up. The first one was dispatched with relative ease using dash and 2 assaults with Anu Shotguns another one used her Scream the next turn panicing my whole Squad exept my Sniper and Heavy. Which would have been manageble if the third one didnt mind controll said Heavy while i see several “minor” enemies keep infinitly spawning.

The game has some serious balancing issues even on the lower difficulties beside such things as very confusing LoS Bug. Standing behind a Lamppost? “Sorry cant see the Arthron standing about 2 meters away on the other side of that Lamp”.

The lack of better weapons is another glaring oversight. Enemies at this point all have at least 20-30 Armor rendering Assault rifles practically useless while grenades only shred about 3 Armor and the heavy cant hit shit if its not right in his face.