Siren ability usage

Hey folks, just had a mission where something “unfun” occurred and I wanted to make sure it was within the intent of the game.

Haven defense - Main team was halfway around the world so I sent my Phoenix Point defense team (Three troops and an Armadillo) to defend the haven. Saw a Scylla straight away so I positioned my team to take it out next round with some focused fire, sent my 'dillo to the other side to deal with some small fry. Next turn a Siren pops up, moves in close to my three troops, and then proceeds to use mind control on all three of them and end the mission instantly.

All three troops and the vehicle were KIA in one turn - is this intended?

Did the vehicle die too? I’m surprised that having that alive would end the mission.

It’s (probably) within scope of the game. If a Siren gets that close to (what I imagine was lowish level troops) unharmed, it can easily demolish them.

But, assuming you hadn’t used most of your WP points up before hand, that should have taken a toll on the Siren’s WP. If, having the vehicle alive kept the mission going, you would have received your soldiers back next turn

Yeah, the problem is that it was a pair of level 7s and a level 5 (Thus why I didn’t hesitate to throw them and a vehicle into a mission like that).

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At Easy difficulty, I find the PP vehicle quite efficient for a large type of missions, but the three soldiers squad needs be well adapted. Very good for: Haven both protect civil or buildings, Nests (very good for that), Scavenging missions, Ambush missions.

All those missions aren’t about killing an enemy group, this gives more value to the vehicle. If it’s not working at higher difficulty levels it’s because number of enemies and power sum exceed too much the Vehicle. Moreover I haven’t tried yet with Lairs but I suspect they will be a problem for the Vehicle.

One positive is to have a squad that play very differently, that’s refreshing. Another positive is it allows setup faster more squads, a Vehicle is cheaper than 3 soldiers.