Repulse Design Cyborgs at DLC

Helmets - Ugly
Torso and legs - Grotesque

Look, there was a beautiful concept the-phoenix-project-rises

I am upset, so I will post cool pictures here in the hope of new skins for correction.




While writing, two concepts came to my mind:

  • “For Honor” - Knight/tank, Viking/berserk, Samurai/swordsman
  • “Wild Grin” - animal style armor

and not just these… all armors look bad when combining certain parts… This game allows you to use heavy legs, light torso and medium helmet, yet Developers did not consider that these would look ridiculous together because models have different size…

And while to some this might sound unimportant, overall game graphic representation is extremely important for immersion… So i kinda dont see any point at using three part armor system, when Devs did not make a homework to make sure these combinations would look fine together…


The pictures you show look more like high-tech armour than cyborg body parts.
I prefer the PP design. They are not ugly and grotesque is not bad either.

Well its all an opinion granted but I have got to say, they look comically silly. I lost interest in PP with the poor weapon/armor balance and class’s (everything else was good or fantastic though) but this only will push my interest further away. Speaking of more of a rational view in balance, how does a helmet grant silence effects to all weapons? I think they should spend a little more investment and time when making these kind of choices.

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By producing a sound suppression field obviously. It’s in the description.

An ancient alien virus from Planet X you buy but some sci-fi techno-jargon about an electromagnetic sound dampening field crosses the line?

Meh, they look fine, a bit busy though.

I am really very upset and it is very unlikely that in the game itself it looks better.

Can see that. On a side note, it is unlikely devs would be willing to remade the DLC - the team is most likely deep at work on upcoming DLCs.

I would be nice if modding support were implimented at some points - community might do custom assets like they did for XCOMs.

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We are fighting aliens. Not trying to win a beauty pageant.

I like the bulky look anyway. All the additional pictures you posted that look better to you seem to all look slender and have the samey types of artistic design choices.
Looks more to me like you just personally like swimsuit armor.


OK. I am a bad man, but that doesn’t mean you’re better.

bulky look is not a problem… its the look of a bulky torso with skinny legs that makes me laugh hard… and its not like designing cool looking armors is too hard… just look at Corruption 2029… those armors look beautiful!

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I would say, this topic its highly subjective :slight_smile:

I like the designs, they have at least their own personality.

Those early concepts are fine, but synderion - a lot of mass effect resemblance… chitin armor - metroid.

Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean its ugly.
Matter of preference I guess :wink:

(on the side note, how is it able to have all 3 parts in-game? :slight_smile: )


flatiron knockeranvil

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comparing to this, i take those every day…

and i did not posted more ridiculous combinations there are… like those funny looking mutated legs…


Urgent need a female version or a couple of sizes smaller, have you seen anywhere? :sweat_smile:

I know what I’m doing for Halloween this year.


I have to admit that I really did laugh hard when I seen that, it’s kind of unfortunate that they don’t match up a little better.

That said it really isn’t a fashion contest, but I do get the OP’s point.


Now there’s someone who’s been skipping leg day.

Presented with comment.