Cumulating mutations and cybernetic

I though it was possible to have 2 mutations and 1 cybernetic or the opposite on one character, why is it not possible in the end ?

I believe because they are meant to be contrasting and conflicting tech. Either you chose to go cybernetic, or you chose to indulge in mutations; not both. Don’t recall there being a lore reason, and may be remedied in the future.

Augments for the player have always been limited to 2. Either 2 mutations, 2 bionics, or one of each.

As for the lore, the intent was that if you replaced all 3 parts then there would be none of the human left, which is something the Phoenix Project won’t do.

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So, the soldier with bionic head and torso, and with ‘human’ legs is still a human, but with bionic legs he’s not a human anymore? )))

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he has some tasty flesh there, so yea still partly human :smiley:

I agree with Magor’s implication here, that having ‘human legs’ doesn’t actually make one human. A robot with a pair of human legs is not a human being, haha

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Btw do you guys always have now that New Jericho soldier comes with a bionic augmentation?

I just tried to recruit technician and I can’t find one with standard tech armor with attached mech arms. Juggernaught armor everytime pops up. Kind of frustrating.